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Why John?

Experience. Results


John has mediated hundreds of cases, and with a 90% settlement. His record speaks for itself.

 His sessions are fast paced, straightforward and realistic. John helps  parties understand why they should settle and presents it in a style  that is unique and refreshing.

When it comes to legal matters, time is money, that's why I have  developed a quick and effective style of mediation that has resulted in  the majority of my cases settling in four hours or less. New clients  are amazed and returning clients bring their most contentious cases. My  approach has been lauded as unique and a great choice for Alternative  Dispute Resolution in Los Angeles. 


Today, clients are looking to get the job done, period.  I  work quicker than most and am regarded as straightforward and realistic.  My preparation is extensive and I get right to the heart of the matter.  My expertise at reading and handling of clients is my most repeated  compliment. When you love what you do, people sense that, and they  respond in a more positive manner. 


Comprehensive Dispute Resolution Services

  • Mediation
  • Dispute Resolution 
  • Conflict Management
  • Standing Neutral Service 

About John



John has successfully  mediated hundreds of cases in many different realms.  He has spoken  publicly on mediation, trained new and experience mediators through  shadowing and mentoring, and has promoted mediation with a passion that  is obvious when you meet him.   Some  of the comments from clients regarding his service are his disposition,  patience, unique solutions and persistence, to name a few.  His ability  to work with even the most difficult parties and reach a resolution is  why clients return, and speak highly of his accomplishments.  If you  would also like to experience the service, give John a call and see if  he could help resolve your matter, whether it's a "conflict" or a  "dispute", he will certainly provide a level of service that will make  you a believer

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